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Even if they are Libra’s first choice, there is still a matter of flirting with so many other people. With really insecure Libra specimens, it is almost impossible to have a trusting relationship, for their need for acceptance can go a long way and even suck them into unfaithfulness. Their quality however, is in their outlook on justice, and they will rarely act on their insecurities, but still, who could be sure when the vibe is so unstable, especially when someone as stable as Taurus tries to blend in.

Taurus may try to get very passionate from time-to-time, particularly over issues of possessiveness and jealousy.  Libra, however, is the calm, cool and collected sign.  She will not be interested in playing the A passionata which is probably a very good thing.  Othello was without a doubt a Taurus.


Your combination of charm and logic is about the only thing that can change his mind, if you sprinkle it with a dose of flattery and don't do it too often. It's something that you should not take lightly, because for most anyone else, it's impossible. Try to focus on things that will make him feel more secure and masculine, and you'll almost never fail.

Those born under this sign are gifted with the ability to process and express their thoughts quickly.  Aquarians are very witty and fluent .

Taurus and libra match making

Taurus and libra match making