Boyfriend only wants to hook up - Invisible Boyfriend

I’m hoping that by the time you read this, you already figured this one out for yourself. But if you didn’t, let me provide you the logical framework to make an emotional decision.

Savage Love : Dan Savage and Violet Blue talk about pegging and anal sex, with a nice mention of Bend Over Boyfriend!

Cosmopolitan : In “Ecstasy,” you can “Ask Carol about Sex.” When one reader wrote, “I was shocked when my boyfriend told me that he wants to live out a role-reversal fantasy in which I strap on a dildo and penetrate him! Does this mean he’s gay?” Carol offers a resounding “No!” and explains that “If you want to grant his whim,” check out Bend Over Boyfriend for more information...and titillation!

Adult Video News : Four stars! Reviewer “Susie Mid-America” says, “...lube, lube, lube...No aspect of ass-play is too insignificant to mention, and it never gets dull , thanks to some well-edited and humorous visual demonstrations... [P]lenty of curious couples will find the instructional aspects invaluable.”

Village Voice : In answer to “Trying to Get My Role Reversed,” Savage Love columnist Dan Savage says, “Straight boys who want to take it up the butt are odd...but if you can learn to love the personals, they’re a good way to meet like-minded pervs... Bend Over Boyfriend stars Carol Queen and her oft-bent boyfriend, Robert, and together they guide breeder couples through the joys and triumphs of girl-on-boy buttfucking .”

Read Sex Tips & Tricks: Bend Your Boyfriend Over

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Boyfriend only wants to hook up

Boyfriend only wants to hook up