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To talk to strangers means that you have no friends or family.

So if you strike a conversation with her (even to ask for directions) she might walk away.  Why?

Because she's not supposed to talk to you AND she might have to speak English…this makes her even more uncomfortable.

But let's say you do get to talk to girls from Korea and set up dates.  They're not showing up (even though they were so excited to meet you an hour before the date.)

More so than Westerners, many Chinese view dating as a pragmatic affair. It’s not always about finding love so much as it is about finding a potential marriage partner who fits with one’s own ideals. For example, although many men get married without a house and a car, Chinese women will often say that they’re looking for these things because that’s the sort of person who probably has a stable career and will be able to provide for her and their future children in the long-term. It’s not always about love. As one contestant on China’s most popular dating show put it, "I’d rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle."

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Dating in korean culture

Dating in korean culture